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just want to share with you^^

another song that I loved so much~ Ah, I hope I can buy Bonamana C ver. waiting to get some money~ 😛

composer :LeeTeuk and Henry (correct me if I’m wrong^^)

just click more if you want the lyrics^^
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okay, now I’m really love this song very much~!!!

This song my favorite, because there’s KangIn’s voice in this songs, I miss him so much you know~ EunHae (my lovely member on SJ) create this song~

more to see the lyrics^^

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This year, I will continue my study at Surabaya (I can’t tell you where is it, but this college is so well-known in Indonesia, my country).

I’m so exited~~ And if it start, I will share you some photos~ XD

the activity, and the other things~

my new friends, my new room, and my new life~ ^^

OMG, I’m so exited now~!!!!


I’m trying to make a downloading blog, but it’s so hard for me~

so start from now, I will use this blog for share my activities, college-life, story,  creativity, and many more~

I will also share my photos about the activities~ hehe^^

I deleted all my shared link, so if you want to downloading… mianhae~~~