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I don’t think so~~

Sebuah surat kabar besar asal Indonesia,  menuliskan sebuah artikel yang bertajuk “Super Korea Super Tampang”. Awalnya aku pikir, mereka akan menyajikan sebuah informasi yang berbobot dan memandang hal secara netral. Namun, ternyata …

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Will sharing the link site!

Now, luvfishy will upgrade the blog!

I will share a lot of file download just for you! Award, Full Show of music show, reality show, subbed show, and many more. I will give you explanation for some site that have registered or forum that you must have a minimum post.

Do you want t request some links? You can request it on the “REQUEST HERE!” page! Just click and request! ^^d

New Project from SM : SM The Ballad~!!! They released digital single with title “Miss You”. Will wait for the other songs too^^

SM The Ballad member : Super Junior Kyu Hyun, SHINee Jong Hyun, The Trax Jay, and Jino

*wait Hot Times to released full song*

click more if you want to see the full lyrics!!! ^^

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are you my BEST friend??

“Tears may come and go,
But there’s one thing I know.
All my life you’re a friend of mine.
You can depend on me.
I’ll be fine…
‘Cause you’re a friend of mine.”
-Clarence Clemens-




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12.00 a.m


it’s uri oppa, HeeChul oppa birthday~!!!




yay~~~ I love this oppa very much~ he treat the other member so very very well, he love his hyung and the dongsaengs~~

His pure heart….

His kindness…

His talents…

And his milky skin…

Saranghaeyo Kim HeeChul oppa~~~

Keep fighting~ Wish all the best just for you~~

Stay healthy… don’t be sick, keep strong~!


Your Short Journey

As we know that today (100705) KangIn oppa leaving for his Army Service….

This is just His Short Journey, we will see him on stage and hear his voice again and we will laugh because of his joke soon, 2 years again~ so we just keep his promise and just 13lieve in him and SJ~~

Oppa…. stay healthy on army, wish u all the best from me and ELF~~ hwaitingggg~~!!!
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I say I want to share some my activities on Surabaya right?

But, uhm…. I totally forgot to share~~ I’m really tired here.. Just shopping and take a walk on Mall, so I’m really tired~~~

And about photos…. OMG~~ I forgot to take some photos with my phone! X(

Jeongmal mianhae…..

Saengil chuka hamnida, saengil chuka hamnida…

Saranghaneun Lee teuk oppa~~~ Saengil chuka hamnida~!!!!

Wish u all the best from the best my lovely leader, my lovely angel, and the most lovely >> u’re dimple~!!!


maybe if you see this, my collection is so very little~ but I think, this little collections is my precious things I have~ (sorry sorry for making many lags on my grammar^^)

hehe~ that’s all my collection~

Want to buy 4jib repackage, but waiting for get some money from my parents, I’ll save them and buy that^^

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just want to share with you^^

another song that I loved so much~ Ah, I hope I can buy Bonamana C ver. waiting to get some money~ 😛

composer :LeeTeuk and Henry (correct me if I’m wrong^^)

just click more if you want the lyrics^^
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